Casi me CSS saltan las lagrimas…

Al leer algo así, en este mundo tan atomizado, loco y maravillosamente confuso que se ha vuelto el front-end donde cada uno se inventa su propio sistema que será “el futuro de la web” reinventando la rueda.

This approach makes me a dinosaur rebel

My approach to front end engineering (I use “engineering” here because we’re talking about the structure and loading strategy, not just the code) is, to some, old fashioned.

I use link and script elements to load my CSS and JavaScript. I’m not using frameworks or large libraries. I have no dependencies. I’m not doing any complicated bundling or package management.

It’s 100% Boring Web.

But… it also makes my websites fast as hell and way more fault-tolerant.

I don’t have to worry about a failed or missed dependency breaking my code. I worry less about browser timeouts on my files, because they’re small and cached. I don’t have to mess around with complicated build and load processes.

I can open a text editor and build an app.

A lean, boring web is better for users. And, I’d argue, it’s better for you as a developer.

Este tio es muy interesante, mas cosas chulas:

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